How Forcast rose above some of Australia's leading fashion retailers within 30 days

With over 30 stores across the country, fashion brand, Forcast, has provided Australia's working women and beyond an impressive range of sophisticated yet trending work-to-date-wear and timelessly chic essentials at an accessible price point. While their boutique stores are continuously frequented by regulars and newcomers alike, the homegrown fashion brand sought to boost their website's online presence, matching the foot traffic of their physical stores. Forcast also wanted to find more lucrative marketing strategies to better attract their growing 25+ target audience while continuously gaining revenue from their usual 30-35 target audience. As one of Australia's leading fashion retailers for women, they needed to find a suitable Digital Marketing and Advertising agency to increase their online organic growth that understood their business objectives and increase their conversions, plus their eCommerce revenue.

Forcast was initially cautious when they first approached AdVisible. Although having 30+ boutique stores Australia Wide, the company had no experience working with a marketing agency in the past. Forcast only sourced freelancers to assist them with their marketing objectives, paying $300 a day to do nothing and experience zero form of any long-term organic growth. As a result, the brand was unfamiliar with agency pricing and spent a similar ad budget.

Forcast struck gold. Through a paid search campaign, AdVisible reworked Forcast's Google shopping campaign, optimised their paid advertising across Google Search and Shopping, increased SEO keyword rankings to accelerate growth and enhanced the brand's GTM tracking. Doing so, AdVisible put the brand's coveted workwear essentials front and centre on search results and ahead of competitor brands like CUE, Forever New and Portmans- and of course, skyrocketed their online foot traffic and ROI.

  • +443% Increase in Revenue
  • +580% Increase in Conversions
  • 78% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 7 High volume keywords ranked number 1 in one month
  • 30k Average monthly traffic increase
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Forcasts’ Objectives

  • Establish the brand as professional and reputable in the online space

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  • Reach their target audience online and generate more sales

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  • Improve brand awareness in the highly competitive women's apparel space

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  • Create a stronger Google Shopping foundation

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The Strategy

We saw that Forcast lacked an online presence from the get-go and wasted valuable budget by investing money in branded terms instead of other high-volume keywords. To consistently increase organic conversions, we wanted to boost the brand's keyword rankings for all category pages, from their tops and bottoms to the best-selling workwear separates, to drive more online traffic. We deemed it necessary to improve rankings through paid advertising and organically due to Forcast being part of the highly competitive industry, women's apparel.

Our Approach

We took a considered, hands-on approach with Forcast. Upon initial assessment, we discovered their account was heavily optimised to target branded search terms with minimal focus on high-ranking generic terms to bring in new customers. When we took over Forcast's account, we wanted to switch the focus around and instead hone in on optimising frequently searched for generic terms to generate organic revenue. We also discovered that nearly all previous ad spend was invested in getting traffic and conversions that would have come through organic search, meaning there was no focus on acquiring and keeping new customers. AdVisible performed a keyword-negativing strategy to filter out the irrelevant traffic, removing all search queries that contained any branded terms or misspellings ('forcast' 'forecast'). We then launched Google Ads campaigns to drive traffic to the Forcast website for relevant search terms related to their best-selling products. Our team of search experts relentlessly monitored the campaign performance throughout our approach and optimised the targeting, keywords, and bids to reduce overall cost and CPA while increasing conversions.

Results So Far

The results exceeded Forcast's expectations. In just one month of working with us, Forcast had created a more impactful and reliable shopping experience for old, loyal customers and new with our ambitious SEO and Google Ads strategy. Since June 2020, after a mere few months of organic search engine optimisation, there has been a dramatic improvement in their account. With the brand's improved Google Ads, Forcast experienced an astounding 440% increase in revenue from our suggested generic search terms. Within that month alone, we also managed to achieve a 78% conversion rate increase on their online website compared to the brand's conversions a few months prior. From keyword research to curating keyword-enriched category page content, no SEO strategy was left untouched. With the expansion of Forcast's KWM in mid-February 2020, we instantly discovered a direct correlation with the increase in organic traffic. Compared to previous months, this is a 7.76% (30,000k traffic) increase in organic traffic from Jan 2021 to Feb 2021. Yes, in just one month, we were able to increase organic traffic exponentially. As a result, Forcast ranks number one on the search engine results with 7 of our high-ranking keywords. In the short period of working together, we are 100% confident that this homegrown brand will continue to carry the torch as the leading figurehead of women's wear apparel and workwear, in-store and online.

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